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What about gun owner liability insurance?

On 1/27/2022, San Jose, CA, became the first city to approve the Gun Harm Reduction Ordinances, despite opposition ...
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It’s Time to Run Your 2022 Home Insurance Checkup

Our homes became the center of our lives starting in 2020. As another new year begins, the Whitney ...
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Insurance for One, Two, and Three-Wheelers in California

What is a Scooter? Commonly seen on the roads in the United States (aside from motorcycles) are scooters, ...
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My insurance company just dropped me!

My insurance company just dropped me! "How can my insurance company, after all these years of never putting ...
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Moving from your State to another—Insurance timing is critical

There are plenty of reasons you might be fed up with California: Our governor, homelessness, crime, wildfires, cost ...
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Title theft takes Two Victims to be successful

Can someone acquire title to a real property simply by forging the owner's name on a deed? No. ...
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Why you shouldn’t shop for Insurance online

During the pandemic, many of us have depended on shopping apps more than ever before. If it wasn't ...
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What parts will go into my car for repair? OEM coverage?

There has been a rash of thefts of automotive catalytic converters.  These converters are central to a car's ...
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What constitutes a “Hardened Home” in Fire Country?

So, here we are on the precipice of yet another drought summer and potential Wildfire-Palooza in California.  More ...
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A Personal Umbrella policy, or simply an Umbrella, is meant to help protect you from large and potentially ...
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Auto mileage reporting to my Insurance Company. How is it their business anyway?

In California, the California Department of Insurance keeps watch on the Insurance industry operating in California. Thirty plus ...
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Rental car insurance…yes or no?

What about Rental Car Insurance? You know the drill.  You've been here before. You've just come off the ...
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