Moving from your State to another—Insurance timing is critical


There are plenty of reasons you might be fed up with California: Our governor, homelessness, crime, wildfires, cost of housing, food, gasoline. The list goes on.

Whatever your reasons, auto insurance transfers done right can be a comforting thing. Yes, I just described “auto insurance” as a source of comfort.

Before you move out to the beauty and ideals of Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana or Tennessee, make a plan and give yourself plenty of time to get a new driver’s license, a new insurance agent and get your vehicle registered and re-insured in your new home state.
It takes a lot of time, so be patient. The universal dread that the DMV carries is an earned reputation. Do not be surprised when you cannot achieve a “one and done” down at that venerable bureaucracy.

Do Not cancel your California auto insurance policies until you have done all the above and bound coverage in your new State. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but folks do it all the time in an attempt to save money or with the hope that nothing will happen. It's never a good thing to expose yourself to unnecessary risk.

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