Preventing water losses at home

It’s eight o’clock on Friday night.  You’re about ready to go out and get dinner and drinks with friends.  You hear water running somewhere.  Odd, you think, and off you go investigating.  You find in short order that your water heater has chosen this moment in time to have a catastrophic leak-down.

Fortunately, you are there to turn of the water supply to the water heater.

But, what if you’d been out?  You linger over great talk, good food, and your basement is filling up with water.  What a nightmare to come home to.

Regular inspections for obvious tell-tale leaks is a good idea.  You can also add water detection into your home security & surveillance system.  Now available on the market are automatic water shut off systems.  Moen’s “Flo” system is recommended by Farmers.  Farmers will even give you a discount for installing this device.

Farmers has partnered with Moen to offer the “Flo” smart home leak detection and prevention device, as part of our commitment to bring innovative products and ideas to the marketplace.

We are expanding the current New Business and Renewal business eligibility rules for Farmers Smart Plan Home customers with prior water losses to allow one additional water loss, more than previously allowed, if the customer installs a Moen “Flo” qualifying leak detection device, and provides proof of device installation.

 Here are some benefits of installing a Flo by Moen qualifying leak detection device:

  • Expanded opportunity for new customers that were previously ineligible due to water losses
  • 2% (approximate) discount on Farmers Smart Plan Home premium on all perils and excluding optional coverages
  • Special discounts on qualifying Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff devices and installation when purchased using the unique web address:

Customers can purchase a “Flo” by Moen Smart Water Shutoff device at a discounted rate of $350 plus a discounted installation fee of $250 (device retails for $499 plus an approximate installation fee of $400)

Though there are similar devices on the market, Farmers will only extend these considerations to Moen “Flo” installations.

Check out the Hyperlink above and see if this doesn’t make sense for you.  To get an exact dollar savings from installing this Moen “Flo” shutoff device, give us a call at The Whitney Agency, 916-645-1001

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